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I am an archaeologist and historian based in southern California. I have been employed by PanGIS, Inc., an environmental consulting firm, since 2010. We provide Cultural Resource Management and GIS services to government agencies, environmental companies, and private developers throughout California and the west.

I am listed on the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA), specializing in historical archaeology, with a focus on glass artifacts. I conduct field surveys, data recovery (excavation), construction monitoring, and report preparation for local, state, and federal projects.

I am also listed on the Directory of Professionals in Public History (DPPH), with a focus on 19th- and 20th-century history of southern California. My research specialties include migration, material culture, and infrastructure. As a historian, I conduct archival research, write historic context statements, and perform historic structure evaluations.

My education includes a graduate degree in applied anthropology from San Diego State University, undergraduate degrees in history and archaeology from the University of California San Diego, and community college degrees in anthropology and Geographic Information Systems.

My MA thesis, Tracks and Tracts in America’s Finest City, analyzed over one hundred historical archaeological sites in the early San Diego “trolley suburbs”. Expanding on this research, I published a history of the early San Diego streetcars in 2017, Images of Rail: San Diego Trolleys.


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