Booms to Burbs in Old San Diego

Did you know the City of San Diego had a local public rail transportation system as early as 1886? PanGIS occasionally uncovers remnants of this network buried beneath the streets. Using route maps and contemporaneous photographs, GIS Intern Rhiannon Killian created a story map outlining the rail networks and history of early San Diego public rail transit. Escape to this bygone era by visiting the link


Rhiannon and I will be presenting the story map and the research behind it on the opening day of the 54th Annual Conference of the Congress of History of San Diego and Imperial Counties, tomorrow, March 29, 2019, at 2:30pm. The Conference’s theme this year is Defining Moments – 250 Years: Extraordinary Events that Shaped the History of the San Diego Region (1769-2019), and is being held at the Portuguese Hall in Point Loma this Friday and Saturday. There’s an amazing lineup of local historians, exhibitors, and vendors. For more on the conference and a list of speakers, visit the website.

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